Celebrity Makeup Artist Ashunta Sheriff Launches First Color Cosmetics Collection

She’s the makeup artist behind the faces of Hollywood’s elite from Rihanna to Zendaya to Sean Combs to Alicia Keys to Molly Sims.

Now, Ashunta Sheriff has curated a collection of beauty essentials to give makeup lovers everywhere the tools they need to recreate these gorgeous looks at home, named after the woman herself: Ashunta Sheriff Beauty.

In an exclusive interview with Happy, the makeup artist said that eyes and eyebrows are the foundation of a beautiful face. It was only natural, then, that eyebrow and lash kits were the pillars of her makeup line. This includes products that sculpt the perfect eyebrow and eyeliner. After all, Sharif says, “If you can tug, you can whip.”

MagnetiEyes Day & Night Eyelashes Collection

It all started during the COVID-19 pandemic when Sharif noticed large numbers of consumers wearing “face covering” false eyelashes during trips to the pharmacy.

“I know a lot of people who don’t know how to put on eyelashes,” Sharif noted.

After indulging in magnetic eyelashes, the brands I tried didn’t provide long-lasting hold and weren’t waterproof. Therefore, it sought to make these so-called weak links in the market even stronger. Results? MagnetiEyes Day & Night Eyelashes Collection. Sheriff said she designed her false eyelashes with magnetic liquid liner technology to allow consumers to go from day to night without the mess of fingers, sticky eyelids, and sparse eyelashes stuck to tweezers.

She then recruited actress and singer Taraji P. Henson to make an educational video that went viral. It was the “attraction” that sold consumers.

What’s more, MagnitEyes Deluxe Magnetic Eyelashes come in a couple of different lash styles that cater to the woman who crave daily lashes providing added oomph to open and beautify the eyes or a pair that brings drama (think full, long and fluffy). The lashes can be reused up to 20 times per lash, according to Sheriff, and lasts through workouts. Did you forget to remove it before bed? They stay asleep too.

Ashunta Sharif Beauty Eyeshadow Palette & Highlighter & More

Multicolored glitter unicorn eyeshadow palette

In addition to applying eyelashes and liquid eyeliner, Sheriff also offers a Unicorn Multichrome Glitter Shadow Palette. Including 10 shades of two-toned, ultra-compact eyeshadows, the long-wearing shades are curated to allow women to match any outfit and help bring other hints of color into consumers’ eyes for the full effect, according to the brand.

“The Unicorn Palette ranges from beautiful ocean blue to mauve, rose gold, green, brushed copper, and olive green jam filled with multicolored shimmer to give an iridescent look to a multicolored look,” she said.

She explained that in order to liven up peepers even more, UV Neon Vegan Liquid Liner works wonders. Available in six bold shades inspired by Sheriff’s childhood in the late ’80s and early ’90s in New York City that saw playgrounds and murals in Spanish Harlem, the smudge and water-resistant liners can be layered for a bold look that glows under black light.

“We use makeup as a form of expression, whether it’s styling your eyebrows or matching your outfit,” Sharif said, adding that the multi-chrome palette reflects the mix of colors in street art.

Eyebrow and eyelashes set

She said celebs including Next Top model Eva Marcel and Yaya Dacosta of America admire the liner.

Right now, nano brows, or fully natural brows that are meticulously combed and shaped, are all the hype, according to an analysis of the latest beauty trend from Spat. To achieve it, Sheriff’s BrowZing Brow & Lash Kit nourishes brows and lashes to create manicured “curtains” for windows on the soul. To keep brows looking smoother all day long, the brand’s BrowZing Brow Gel Freeze is a styling wax that lifts, tames and sculpts each brow for a feathered look. The ensemble was a hit with actor Channing Tatum, according to Sheriff.

“Unruly brows can really change your face,” she said, adding that groomed, groomed brows can help open up the delicate space around the eyes for a sleek look.

To contour the face, Ashunta Sheriff Beauty also offers Unicorn Duochrome Highlighter which comes in shades ranging from peachy copper to champagne gold that compliments any skin tone. It can be used to define the “apples” of the cheekbones for a defined look. It can help give the illusion of toned legs and shaped breasts when applied to the body and chest.

To eliminate makeup application, the brand offers The Beauty Water Fix It Spray infused with alkaline water, aloe vera, and vitamin E, which can be sprayed all over the face as a final step to “marry” the makeup together and provide a glowing finish.

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty can be purchased here.