Bulldog Being Rolled Down Snowy Hill by Husky Sparks Delight: ‘Mesmerizing’

A pair of canine friends went viral after they braced for the freezing cold weather to star in a video that was melting hearts among pet lovers online.

There are few things in life warmer for dog lovers than the sight of two dogs enjoying each other’s company.

While it’s common enough for dogs of a similar breed to play happily together, it’s even more unique and special when two very different canines make a bond.

This is exactly what the video posted on TikTok by user goose_the_bully – the magical relationship between a bulldog named Goose and his friend Husky.

Bulldog playing in the snow.
Stock Image – Bulldog playing in the snow. Footage of two cabins flapping in the cold weather has gone viral on social media.

In the 5-second clip, viewers are given a glimpse into the playful relationship between the two dogs. Watch it here.

Standing on a snowy hillside, the video depicts the husky leaning on his bulldog friend with a snout. A career in films clearly entices the bulldog, who turns on amateur drama to roll down hill at the slightest touch of the husky’s snout.

Clearly enjoying his best friend’s reaction, the Husky keeps flipping him over and over while enjoying their playtime together in the snow.

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend but the feeling may not necessarily be mutual.

A 2020 study published in Journal of Neuroscience Researchers from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary found that dogs prefer to stare at members of their own species rather than at any human.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers examined the brain activity of 20 dogs and 30 people when they watched four different two-second video clips. These included a human face, one on the back of a human’s head, one on the face of a dog, and one on the back of a dog’s head.

The study found that the dogs’ brains showed greater activity when they were observing the faces of other dogs and the back of their heads.

Of course, not every dog ​​gets along, but it seems that our four-legged friends tend to pay more attention to their canine companions than to any human companion.

Goose sure looks smitten in the video, happy to be rolled down hill by his buddy Husky despite getting hit with more elements in the process.

A torrent of comments praising the behavior of the bizarre couple in the snow indicates that users certainly liked them.

User ThiliKodi commented, “The Huskies have found a new ball.” “I’m watching this ‘wee’ in my head!” Kathon Bonbon added. User Travelinmomma1 described it as “bulldog bowling” while user Sierra5104 compared it to “a tutorial on how to build the perfect snowmen.”

Another user, Park, called the video “magical” with Govandrea writing: “These two make my day.”

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