Bryce Dallas Howard Glows in New Makeup-Free Selfies Showing Off Her Gorgeous At-Home Curls

Can we get a tutorial, please?

Bryce Dallas Howard She gives fans an inside look at part of her adorable hair routine on Instagram.

The jurassic world The actress posted a carousel full of makeup-free selfies earlier today, November 19, showing off her beautiful curly red locks and letting followers know the secret to getting them.

“After ➡️ before! I love these braids 😍,” she captioned the set photo, going on to explain in the photo description that she used Kitsch’s Satin Heatless Curling Set to achieve the perfect tousled look.

The first two pictures showed the results. Howard’s face appeared devoid of any makeup products, but she still glowed as she smiled at the camera, her hair looking subtly messy around her face.

The last two pictures depict the preparation. Howard’s face appears to be freshly cleaned in these, suggesting she may have applied the foam curling rod before going to bed. Her bangs were wrapped into a giant pink roller, while the rest of her hair was parted evenly and braided around the foam roller.

In the last photo, she blew a kiss for the camera, looking every bit the part of her Pippi Longstocking.

one fan wrote in the comments.

Meanwhile, Howard’s sister, beige, she just wants to try curls for herself. “So cute 😂 Annnd, please bring your curl equipment to Xmas. I want to try 😘❤️,” she said.

“🔥🔥🔥 I say your easy job gets a big OL yeah!!” Celebrity hairstylist Bridget Prager Wrote.

And honestly, same thing – we wouldn’t be so crazy about the tutorial if Howard was feeling it!

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