Best Marvel Snap Decks You Have to Try

The deck shown above is a great first build of this archetype, but it still offers plenty of room for customization based on what you unlock. For example, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora require you to think ahead and predict what your opponent will do. You can also put Star-Lord instead (or Groot or Mantis) for relatively similar results.

Meanwhile, Elektra and Enchantress have abilities that you’ll find plenty of uses for. Elektra can kill a single opposing cost card (potentially taking out Ant-Man or a mobile nightcrawler), and Enchantress (a powerful counter) will stop a persistent character group dead in its lane.

However, the star of this show is the Odin/Tiger combo. Play The White Tiger on Turn 5 if it’s in your hand, then play Odin as your last final. You will definitely need to pay attention to the locations to get the most out of this combo. This combo is hard to play on Bar Sinister, who creates duplicates. Kamar Taj will also enable On Reveal plays. On the other hand, watch out for Knowhere (who will actually lock this deck’s abilities).

Tiger King Odin deck code:


Spectrum Surprise Marvel Snapdeck

spectrum surprise

Since it’s an easy-to-use card and is distributed for free at the end of your tutorial, you’ll see a lot of Blue Marvel-based decks early on. It’s not hard to see why. Playable in Turn 5, it’s an easy all-card improvement, and it’s decently powerful in its own right. However, Enchantress is easily taken down by the end of the game, which can punish that early strategy. So let’s try a continuous lineup with a twist.