Battlefield Series Is Going Back To A ‘Narrative Campaign’

Battlefield 3

picture: Battlefield 3

The last time the main battlefield The series began with a proper campaign going back to 2013, when Battlefield 4 Drop the single player and stun anyone who gets their hands on them.

I know Battlegrounds 1 & 5 It also had some single-player elements, but it was a tutorial, and I never want to talk about it Battlefield Hardline once again. So the news that EA wants to get back to an idea of ​​some kind battlefield Campaign – carry with me here – though Welcome to the fans, because it is not well cooked like many battlefield The stories were, they were also strangely memorable? Likes, I think about this Battlefield 3 Mission A Many:

Battlefield 3: F18 Hornet Jet Mission | RTX 3080 12 GB (4K Ultra Graphics)

This too. Neither of them is particularly memorable from a gameplay perspective, but they were still great technicals Displays to explode over a few times:

US Tank Charge – Battlefield 3

There is also a fondness for bad company Spinoff games too. anyway hearlier today The battlefield The team tweeted that a new studio is in the works on “Narrative campaign for the series, before you have to explain that this is something completely newnot part of Battlefield 2042:

Ridgeline Games, this new studio, is led by Marcus Leto, one of the founders of Halo, One of the accompanying blog posts says::

Marcus will bring his long legacy of creating fantastic worlds and captivating stories to Battlefield. Supported by a world-class team, he will lead the mission to develop a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe that will engage fans in new and exciting ways while staying true to the series’ classic elements.

It’s funny that despite all the bullshit the game ate, Battlefield 2042 Perhaps the most fertile ground for a single player experience in the history of the series, Since her vision of a world devastated by climate and armies of refugees fleeing the destruction, she has distinguished him from others. From the usual ‘US Army vs. [bad guys]“The premise of most other modern shooter games. It would be interesting to see what they are creating instead, especially since they are so curious about calling it a “campaign experience” rather than just a “new video game.”