Ariana Grande Breaks Free in New Blonde Hair Pics on Wicked Set

Dear Good Witch Glinda, We like you so much.

Ariana Grande Peek backstage at the musical production evilAdapted movie – where the 29-year-old is set to play Glinda.

In photos shared to Instagram on November 7, Ariana showed off her blonde hair for the role – which debuted on October 26 – by posting a mirrored selfie in a hat that says “Wicked” with her co-star. Cynthia Erivowho will play Elphaba, has Polaroids and a video of her working hard for the project.

In the clip, Ariana’s blonde locks have been pulled into braids as the “Into You” singer lets out an excited shriek while playing music on a laptop in front of her.

She reposted the video to her Instagram Story with the caption, “I love the collection and love Galinda so much. Best days of my life.”

And the magic doesn’t stop there, as it appears that Ariana has also posted glimpses of her outfit for the movie.