App Army Assemble: Urban Trial Pocket – “Does this motorbike stunt game provide the necessary thrills?”

Urban Trial Pocket is a physics-based racing game recently released for iOS and Android. It tasks you to steer a motorbike through courses full of obstacles while performing as many tricks as possible. It’s a game that will appeal to thrill seekers, and we have a few at App Army. So we handed the Urban Trial Pocket to them to see if it provides the right excitement.

This is what they said:

jojo race

Great game, super fun to play, easy and intuitive controls, the style of the game is very radical and you have to do maneuvers to earn points and pass the stage, it is very graphically great. These types of games are addictive because it is very easy to play and this game is no different, anyone who wants something casual and can play anywhere without a doubt Urban Trial is amazing. The game works very well on the iPad.

Oksana Ryan

This is not the kind of game I’m good at and this game is no exception. However, after many attempts during training classes, I was able to master the basics and move on to the actual gameplay. The controls were easy enough to use, the graphics were bright and made a perfect backdrop. Although the progress was slow, I had a sense of accomplishment when I was able to perform some of the more complex maneuvers and found myself enjoying my progress. There are upgrades to costumes and equipment to add more interest and for someone who enjoys this type of game, I’m sure they will have hours of fun.

Robert Maines

Urban Trial Pocket is a motorcycle riding game where you take different courses and perform acrobatics to collect points. It’s a nice looking game that also looks good but the touch screen controls let it down. I initially played on my iPhone and the game was almost unplayable. Too many buttons and it’s too hard to use the passenger mode control when accelerating or jumping. Switching to my iPad and using a PS4 controller, the game became so much easier to play that the analog stick made adjusting the jockey mode second nature. If you do not have a physical controller for your iPhone/iPad, then this game will frustrate you greatly. If you have a controller, this is a good demo game that will give you hours of enjoyment.

sangeet chocolate

Fun bike riding game where you pass your bike sideways while performing stunts in different environments, earn stars and money to use for customization, new gears and tricks. As a standalone game, you will enjoy its gameplay which works well with touch screens and features a new style of joystick control that I adore.
The music is excellent. There are slider options for adjusting the volume, including voiceover.

The graphics are vibrant, and the presentation is elegant. There is also a graphics option where the highest option is too high. There are many skins, tricks and motorbikes to choose from, which adds to the diversity of the game. The first few hours are a lot of fun, and there are also ghost races and additional challenges. There are many positive things about the game, but nothing that sets it apart from other games in this genre. Finally, there is a free version on Google Play that you can try before purchasing the full version.

Torbjorn Camplad

There have been many tricky motorcycle games for mobile over the years. Most of them have levels that allow you to move from left to right. What the Urban Trial Pocket offers (as far as I know) is the ability to spin and go back. This gives you a chance to make the best jumps, and additional opportunities to grab collectibles high in the air. The gameplay is more like a skate game than a racer focused on massive combos.

The display is really neat, and I really enjoy the ragdoll physics when I’m spinning the bike really fast. Initially, I thought there were too many buttons to keep track of with acceleration, jump, and braking, two trick buttons and one special trick button. After a few hours, I was able to get my dirty fingers running. The satisfaction of nailing a wheelie into Superman’s awesome backspin trick is totally rad. Comes highly recommended.


Mark Abokov

I started playing this with the touch screen controls and it might just be me, but I found it very awkward to work with. I switched to my backbone controller and the issue was resolved. As far as being able to control, anyway. I got the third lesson where you have to jump higher…and I did it more than once (as indicated by the little green bar at the top of the screen), but all I had to do to progress after that, I couldn’t. I tried probably dozens of times and my jumps went a step higher and I merged around 180 and even 360 degrees and did some really nice moves.

But I never progressed after that. I gave it more than a fair chance but finally gave up out of frustration. Notably, I tried the same thing using the touch screen (largely as a last resort), and found that the accelerator button was just above the jump button, and to make the high jump you have to hold the accelerator at the same time you hit the jump button and move it up. So yeah. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t do that and eventually gave up. I can do the high jump, just not to the satisfaction of the tutorial.

If I were to make any suggestion, apart from changing the control layout, I would give the player the option to skip the tutorial if they wished. Which is a shame because apart from that it seems like a fun and powerful game. Anyone interested should try out the free trial before purchasing.

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