A Total Worship Experience” is an encouraging approach to renewing one’s faith

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Entering the Fullness of Christ: A Complete Worship Experience: A powerful reminder of the basic teachings of Christianity. “Entering Into the Fullness of Christ: A Complete Worship Experience” is the work of published author Catherine L. Savage, a dedicated wife who holds a BA in Music Education from State University of New York at Potsdam Crane School of Music and an MA in Education in Teaching from Sarah Lawrence College. She is a retired teacher of music, drama and academics after forty years of service in private and public schools. Savage is an entrepreneur who owns two companies – JRaphaFusion, which sells all-natural, homemade essential oil therapy products, and the Tattered Tutorial Academy, a virtual school designed to educate and equip students who are unique in their style of learning and do not fit into a traditional educational institution.

Savage shares: “Entering into the fullness of Christ” was conceived from a series of workshops my husband and I taught to encourage the Christian believer to mature and develop spiritually through the practice of full worship. Worship allows us to experience God in the most intimate way possible. Developing an intimate relationship with God will ease fear and strengthen the prophetic movement that glorifies God. As we move prophetically, we will begin to hear and understand the sounds of heaven, which will eventually set us free. Therefore, this level of worship experience will unleash the power of God manifest in our lives and in the nations of the world. In reading, You will learn how to successfully adopt and apply a “holistic worship experience” to your daily life.Christianity is a lifestyle, not a religion.Through your intimate experiences with the Father, your individual life will become enlivened with biblical promises and principles and energized by the kind of love, joy, and peace that only God can provide. God has a plan for your life, and the concepts in this book will enrich that life as you walk the path that He has specially prepared for you.”

Christian Faith Publishing’s book, Catherine L. New Savage will challenge and empower believers, new and established alike.

Savage shares the hope that it will bring readers a useful resource for their work in discovering, nurturing, and maintaining a Christ-centered lifestyle.

Consumers can purchase Entering Into the Fullness of Christ: A Complete Worship Experience at traditional bookstores or online at Amazon.com, the Apple iTunes Store, or Barnes and Noble.

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