A Primer For The Homebrew Game Boy Advance Scene

As video game systems move into antiquity, some are turning out to create excellent homebrew gaming platforms. Not only does modern technology make it easy to interact with systems that are now relatively weak and simpler, but documentation for older systems is often readily available as well, giving the community plenty of options for exploration and creativity. The Game Boy Advance has become a popular platform for these types of indie game development, and this video shows exactly how you can get started too.

This tutorial begins with some explanation of how GBA works. I have given developers several viewing modes, so this is the first choice a programmer should make when designing a game. From there it contains a brief explanation of how to compile and implement software for GBA, and then delves into writing the games themselves. There are some examples of that [3DSage] It is shown here including examples for checking code and hardware operation, some simple games, and also a detailed explanation of the stock frames and other hardware and software available when developing games for this console.

While the video is only 10 minutes long, we recommend watching it at three-quarters or half the speed. It’s incredibly information-dense and anyone who follows it will likely need to stop a few times. However, it is an excellent introductory tool for game development for this platform and in general, especially since emulators are readily available so no original hardware is needed. If you want to build something from a bygone era more than the early 2000s, take a look at this game development tutorial on arcade tanks.