8 Online Yoga Classes That Can Turn Your Living Room Into a Yoga Studio

Yoga is a well-known physical, mental and spiritual practice. But why do people do that anyway? You can benefit from yoga in many ways, including improving your flexibility, reducing stress, and improving your mental health.

If you are a complete beginner, practicing yoga from home can be a good place to start. First, you won’t have to leave the house; Second, you can perfect your poses before you take part in a class in a real studio.

What’s more, you can completely forget about the real-world studio and use these online lessons to turn your living room into the perfect yoga space at home!

Online yoga classes site anytime

The Yoga Anytime website gives you easy access to many inspiring classes taught by over 115 world-class teachers. Classes cover different styles of yoga, including the popular Vinyasa Yoga and the more spiritual Kundalini Yoga.

What makes Yoga Anytime suitable for beginners and professionals alike are the yoga offerings. Each program focuses on a different topic, such as yoga for movement or yoga for back pain. So Yoga Anytime, which offers a monthly and annual payment plan, is great if you want to follow a themed program for extra motivation.

Moreover, you can access Yoga Anytime on most of the digital devices. For example, you can watch on Apple TV in your living room or join a class on your smartphone when you’re away from home.

ekhart yoga online yoga classes

Esther Eckart has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and founded Eckart Yoga. Therefore, these classes are ideal if you are looking for a reliable yoga teacher with years of experience.

Besides Esther, there are also several other notable yoga teachers who lead the classes. In addition, you can filter yoga classes and programs according to your preferred teacher. Classes vary in length, from some being up to 10 minutes and others being a solid hour of yoga!

On the other hand, playlists are categorized by feeling and skill level. Here, you can easily find a class that works for you, whether you want to feel energized, bonded, or relaxed.

Online yoga class site doyogawithme

To get started on DoYogaWithMe, all you have to do is answer a few quick questions, and find the classes that best suit your needs. Determine your level of yoga experience and any specific goals you have so that your practice is completely customized to you.

From there, you can look at the Class Library. However, you can narrow it down further by class length, yoga style, teacher, and area of ​​focus. Besides yoga, there are a range of training styles to choose from, and you can also try something different – like a guided meditation or a Pilates class.

What really sets DoYogaWithMe apart is the basic free membership. Of course, it only gives you limited access to classes, but not many other platforms offer that.

Corepower online yoga classes website

The best part about doing yoga from home is that you can do it whenever you have the time. CorePower Yoga On Demand gives you unlimited access to hundreds of classes available in various lengths. There are even one-minute tutorials that can help you learn all the yoga poses for beginners.

Each category is grouped by format, such as Yoga Sculpt, Hot Power Fusion, or Core Restore. The formats target different yoga flows. Hot Power Fusion, for example, mixes hot yoga with power yoga. So take advantage of a week’s free trial and see what you like before you subscribe.

Glo yoga online tutorial site

Glow’s online yoga classes are suitable for all levels of experience, whether you’re completely new or a seasoned yoga professional. There are 16 different styles plus over 90 programs available. Several styles to try include partner yoga, pre/postpartum yoga, and conditioning yoga.

In addition, there are daily live classes that you can subscribe to if you want to practice alongside other yoga enthusiasts around the world.

Glo provides much more than just yoga classes. The platform also gives you access to online Pilates classes, meditation sessions, educational lectures, and a selection of fitness exercises.

Online International Yoga Classes website

Doing yoga at home can really help you keep up with your practice for a long time. Yoga International’s classes cover many forms of yoga, including beginner yoga, hatha, prenatal, restorative, and vinyasa yoga. Although the platform is better suited for those who already have some knowledge of yoga.

An eminent group of over 100 professional yoga instructors who teach select yoga classes. Simply use the filters to narrow your class search based on time of day, props, class duration, yoga style, etc.

Yoga International is especially great for yoga instructors who want to learn more about yoga. The reason is that there are a lot of popular yoga courses that can help elevate your yoga practice and teachings.

You and your only online yoga classes site

YouAligned is probably one of the best yoga platforms online, largely because it’s designed to help you focus more on yourself. There are a variety of unique sessions, from Yin yoga that helps you sleep to Hatha yoga that gets you to the ground.

Besides individual yoga lessons, there are also complete yoga programs that include a range of targeted lessons. For example, try the Flexibility & Mobility Program with Kelly Pender to practice stretching and improve your mobility.

Moreover, if you want easy and convenient yoga lessons on the go, you can download the YouAligned mobile app. Plus, for every three seasons you finish, YouAligned promises to plant a food-producing tree!

Online Yoga Classes Website

Underbelly yoga platform offers yoga classes that everyone can participate in. And just like YouAligned, Underbelly is about keeping your core focus.

Yoga teacher Jesamine Stanley leads the various classes, all of which are divided into different elemental categories – air, fire, earth, and water. Also, you can painlessly access all of your yoga classes when you’re away from home with The Underbelly mobile app.

Once you sign up for a membership, you will be able to access The Underbelly on all of your devices. At the time of writing, you can start trying out a few yoga classes with the 14-day free trial.

It’s easier than ever to find an online yoga class that fits your lifestyle

Practicing yoga in a group setting can help you make new friends and feel part of a community. But group yoga isn’t always possible. Many people lack the time and money to join studio yoga classes. So the next best thing is an online yoga class.

The beauty of yoga is that it doesn’t require a lot of space, equipment, or specialized skills. It is only possible to grab an exercise mat, take an online class, and do a quick yoga session in your own living room.