6 best Telugu web series on Aha you must not miss this weekend

Telugu OTT streaming platform, Aha, has its own fan base. No matter how much we love Korean web series to binge watch on Netflix or catch up on the latest releases on Amazon Prime Video, the sucker for local language content is an inevitable visitor. This platform is growing from strength to strength, offering exclusively Telugu content, to offering classic dubbed and audio titles, this platform has reached a massive number of subscribers in a very short span of time. With a plethora of releases on this platform, stay away from confusion to pick and watch some of the best Telugu web series streaming on Aha this weekend.

Here is a web series of 6 Telugu streaming on Aha to make the most of your free time this weekend.

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Anya tutorial

Anya’s Tutorial is a Telugu suspense web series directed by Pallavi Gangireddy and written by Sowmya Sharma. Horror thriller series starring Regina Cassandra and Nivedhithaa Sathish in the lead roles. The plot of the series revolves around a young girl who runs an Instagram handle by the name of Anya’s Tutorial. Suddenly she started feeling a supernatural presence around her and she is trying to prove it to her followers through live Instagram sessions and catch the attention of thousands. Is she possessed? How does she relate to her childhood? Find out this weekend.

number of episodes: 7

Cody Widsmith

The mystery science fiction series Aha tells the story of a food delivery man who finds the body of a young woman in the middle of the night. In another case, a female officer will examine the case of a missing child and the two collide with each other in a fatal accident. They both enter into a never-ending time loop until they figure out a way. Directed by Pawan Kumar, the series’ 8-episode cast includes Amala Paul, Rahul Vijay, Ravi Prakash and others in lead roles.

number of episodes: 8

eleven o’clock

Starring Tamannaah in the lead role, 11th Hour is an exciting web series directed by Praveen Sataru. The series is based on a book titled 8 Hours by Upendra Namburi. Aratika Reddy is the President of the Aditya Group of Companies. With her company on the verge of being forced into bankruptcy, she is forced to make a decision to save the day.

number of episodes: 8


Locked is a Telugu crime thriller series starring Satyadev, Samyukta Hornad, Sri Lakshmi and more. Directed by Pradeep Deva Kumar, this series revolves around a successful neurosurgeon, Dr. Anand Chakravarthy. Through a series of events, shocking facts about the Doctor are revealed which leads to a sharp turn of the plot.

number of episodes: 7

The baker and the beauty

Starring Santosh Chopin of Golconda High School fame as the protagonist, The Baker and the Beauty is a romantic drama series directed by Jonathan Visabogo. She meets a model, Ira, and a poor baker, Viggo, both looking for true love. Their bond is often disturbed by Viggo’s obsessive girlfriend and Ira’s overprotective boss. How they conquer all odds and find comfort in each other forms the core of the plot.

number of episodes: 10

In the name of God

In the Name of God is a crime-comedy drama that stars Priyadarshi, Nandini Rai, Bosani Krishna Murali and others in crucial roles. This series is intertwined in the lives of people from different walks of life and the unimaginable things they do in the name of love, lust, freedom, greed and beauty. This raw and harrowing tale is directed by Vidhyasagar Muthukumar.

number of episodes: 7

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