5 Virgil Abloh legacy projects that will continue to live on after his death

As a leading fashion designer and entrepreneur, Virgil Abloh’s legacy continues to grow day by day, even after losing his own battle with heart cancer in 2021 at the age of 41.

While he is best known for his role as the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, it was the work behind the scenes that made him special.

Virgil was a true innovator with the insight to see the world he wanted even after he was gone. This is evidenced by a range of his unique and long-lasting projects.

“Do you know who inspires me the most? This kid who hasn’t had the chance to showcase his brand yet. These kids motivate the work I do every day. This is my inspiration: the next generation. And I want my work to inspire people like them”

– Virgil Abloh

From educating young people to simply giving them a place to be creative, here are some of the great things Virgil left us.

Freedom Skatepark in Ghana

Virgil Skatepark

In 2020, Virgil laid out plans to design and build Freedom Skatepark, Ghana’s first-ever skate park. And while he wasn’t there to see it, Off-White and Daily Paper came together to make it come alive.

Located in the center of Accra, this skate park not only gives young people a place to develop their passion but is used as a creative hub for people to spread ideas and away from any pain or violence they live in.

Freedom Skatepark Virgil honors the “VIRGIL WAS HERE” sign to remind all skaters and creators to keep going.

Tutorial site “Free game”

Virgil Abloh Free Game

Virgil Abloh was as much a businessman as he was an artist. So he knew that the next kids would likely have the same questions he had.

That’s why I created a free website with tools like how to develop your brand, get a brand done, a tutorial on how to design on the Adobe Creative Suite, how to screen print, and more.

Not only that, but he created this as a resource to support black innovators under a tuition support fund called the Postmodern Scholarship Fund.

Maybach project for Mercedes Benz

Described as the “ultimate legacy collaboration,” the Maybach project was just a taste of the innovation Virgil had in store for us.

Together with Daimler AG’s chief design officer, Gorden Wagener, they designed the unreadable Maybach to push the boundaries of combining utility and luxury.

In a small document released by Mercedes, they highlighted the creative process between Virgil and the Mercedes team and ultimately brought the concept to life to honor Abloh and his contributions.

Recycled plastic water bottle for Evian

Virgil Abloh Evian

Sustainability has always been very important to Virgil Abloh, and his work with Evian as a creative consultant to design sustainable innovation is further proof of that.

In 2018, he partnered with a French bottled water company to make a bottle made from 100% recycled materials. The design had a “hammered” finish to reflect its earlier age.

Album cover of Jay-Z, Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Lil Uzi, and more

Virgil Abloh was a prolific artist for album covers of some of the greatest rappers including longtime friend Kanye West.

For me, Virgil was responsible for the covers 808s and HeartbreaksMine Beautiful dark twisted fantasy, YeezusAnd the Watching the throne with Jay-Z.

Plus many other iconic covers like Based on the TRU . story for 2 chins, long. He lives. AP $ For A $ AP Rocky and luv is rage 2 For Lil Uzi.

There is no doubt that Virgil’s work in fashion, music and products will continue to live and inspire forever. A true game changer who managed to make his mark no matter how much time he had.

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