5 best Minecraft boat builds

The best Minecraft boat builds are the ones that make you want to jump into the game and see it for yourself. The title allows players to create anything from a small starter ship to a luxury yacht. In this sandbox game, the possibilities are endless.

Players often feature their ships in YouTube videos and even on build servers. The list in this article shows some of the best boats you can craft in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

Builds a fan-favorite Minecraft boat

5) Small house to start the ship

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If you are just starting out in the world of Minecraft and want a place to call your own, this is the perfect ship for that. It’s small enough to fit anywhere and is made from very few blocks, so a new player can easily make one.

This tiny ship can be used as a starter home, with barely enough room to host just a bed. It is not ideal for players who have survived in the game long enough and collected some resources. However, they could easily expand the ship with planks. This design was created by the awesome YouTuber Ayvocado.

4) Foley class tugboat

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The Fawley Class Tug Boat is an impressive large vessel that is ideal for the more experienced builders. This ship has a large interior space, so it would be best to use creative mode. The tugboat also has a huge deck area. This amazing build looks like it was taken straight from real life, and the credit goes to Minecraft YouTuber Richlarrousse.

3) The boat house

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This boat can provide players with an unconventional dwelling. The Boat House has a little personality thanks to its unique design. It also comes with a very nice aesthetic that really pops when the boat is built in the Mangrove biome.

The Boat House is a decent size, with good space for anything one might need. This is a great starter home for someone who wants to live on the water. It’s small, but it has everything needed to survive. The video tutorial above was made by YouTuber Mia Bloom.

2) luxury yacht

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A luxury yacht is a beautiful looking boat. Mainly made of quartz, it looks very aesthetic. It would be very difficult to achieve this build in the survival world, so if that’s what you’re thinking of doing, make sure you get all the required resources beforehand.

The size of this ship will allow you to store all kinds of items, from armor, weapons and food supplies to blocks used in construction projects. You will also have plenty of beds available so that your friends can rest after a swim in the ocean. The video tutorial for this version was provided by YouTuber IrieGenie.

1) Epic medieval ship

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This medieval ship is a great ship to build on building servers and with other players. However, if you are looking for something that looks cool and is willing to do a decent amount of work, this is the project for you.

Medieval ship is not easy to create and is of very high quality. So it requires patience and some knowledge about building in Minecraft. This ship comes with a tower deck, crow’s nest, and more. Medieval ship building would also be great for a role playing server. The amazing tutorial that will help you create it is provided by popular YouTuber IrieGenie.

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