30 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest

months later, AMD yesterday unveiled its new Ryzen 7000 desktop processorsWhich seems to crush the current intel.

manzana Working on a new iPhone feature: satellite calls When coverage runs out.

Twitter was considering launching its own version of OnlyFans, But it backed down due to the potential loss of advertisers… and because the network already offers a lot of pornographic content, which in some cases may be illegal or offensive.

technology news

Twitter wanted to jump on the frank content bandwagon and was about to launch its own OnlyFans. read the news

AMD Ryzen 7000 is official: release date, pricing and performance of the new generation. read the news

When will Android 14 arrive? Google is already talking about when the first beta will be released. read the news

Google’s plan for Android apps to work on iPhone could change everything. read the news

cell phone

Satellite calls in the absence of mobile phone coverage, the secret function of the new iPhone. read the news

You can now download iOS 16 beta 8, which is the most stable before the final version. read the news

How to make calls and video calls directly from the Gmail app. Read the tutorial

What to do if TikTok is not working for you. Read the tutorial

Computers and Tablets

That’s how the new Logitech G502 X mice, successors to the legendary gaming lineup, came to be, with important new features. read the news

The best laptops for elementary school kids you can buy in 2022. Read the report

16 Free Mobile Apps Students Should Always Carry With them. Read the report


New WhatsApp beta adds support for calls on watches running Wear OS 3. Read the news

How to view saved passwords on Windows, Android and iPhone. read the news

Cryptocurrencies are big business, but for only a few, it’s normal to lose everything. read the news

Today marks the 24th anniversary of the first Google doodle, the ephemeral winks of the search engine. read the news

That’s what you save by working remotely compared to going to work, according to the OCU. read the news

Entertainment and games

How to get Apple TV + for free if you have a Samsung Smart TV. read the news

The free app that allows you to watch and record more than 130 DTT channels on Android or iPhone. read the news

Netflix and Prime Video have the same rescue as two of their latest releases, but in a completely different way. read the news

Gone are the days of Facebook trying to become Twitch: Facebook Gaming app shuts down in October. read the news

Sony’s PS5 gains in price, but loses weight in its new model. read the news

An alternative Android console from Logitech’s Steam Deck is seen behind the scenes. read the news


RACE advises against using these four brands of child car seats. read the news

Decals that DGT imposes on car windshields if you want to avoid fines. read the news

DGT license plates will undergo an important change after three years of waiting. read the news

science and culture

On the Iberian Peninsula they found the remains of what could be Europe’s largest dinosaur. read the news

The curious and clever action he took in California to prevent water from evaporating. read the news

Spanish scientists have discovered the secret of the immortal jellyfish’s ability to rejuvenate. read the news

curiosity today

Who owns more land: Bill Gates, McDonald’s, or the Catholic Church? read the news

Launa, the autonomous lawnmower with artificial intelligence who is also a sergeant. read the news

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