Step It Up! Why You Should Be Walking Next Time You’re at RDU

RDUscreens-t2walkNeed to clear your head or stretch your legs? Look for the Step It Up signs and get a few paces in next time you’re in Terminals 1 and 2.

As part of RDU’s efforts to support the health and wellness of travelers and staff members alike, we’ve mapped out a couple of walking loops in Concourses C and D that will get you moving so you can start your next adventure with a fresh perspective.

In case you’re wondering, research shows that just 25 minutes of walking per day could add up to seven years to your life. There are also countless physical and mental health benefits – check out our top 5 below.

  1. Walking improves circulation

Taking a few extra steps each day means you can lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke which means you get more time to visit the people and places you care about most.

  1. Walking lightens your mood

Walking releases natural endorphins that makes us happier. And let’s be honest, traveling can be stressful so spending some time on your feet could pay dividends.

  1. Walking improves sleep

Taking the red eye? Dreading that 8-hour flight? We’re not making any promises, but consistent exercise leads to better sleep and that could mean you wake up in paradise feeling refreshed.

  1. Walking makes you stronger

Get toner leg and abdominal muscles, and grab a souvenir in our shops while you get fit.

  1. Walking helps you do more, longer

Daily activity makes everyone healthier, and we want our customers to utilize our growing infrastructure for years to come.

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