ParkRDU Update: Online Booking Begins This Spring

Earlier this month, we rolled out our new parking experience, ParkRDU. Since the program’s launch, we’ve seen better utilization of our facilities and we’ve gotten the chance to hear from many of our customers about their experiences. Thank you for your continued feedback.

RDU_0319Our new ParkRDU Premier area has filled several times since the program launched on April 4. To meet demand, we will be expanding this popular section over the next few weeks.

Our online booking tool was set to launch May 1, but will now be available for use later this Spring. Over the next several weeks, we will conduct additional testing to ensure the tool provides our customers with the highest quality experience possible.

It’s important to note that customers can use our parking facilities without booking online, even after the tool launches.

But, by booking ahead online, customers can guarantee entry into their preferred parking facility and get the lowest rate. Importantly, booking ahead removes one more potential stressor from a customer’s travel experience.

We’ll continue to share more information as the launch of online booking approaches.

The ParkRDU program is a direct result of customer feedback combined with careful planning for the future. And even though the new program has launched, we’re not finished yet!

I already mentioned that we will be expanding ParkRDU Premier. Currently we’re making improvements to the Park Economy 4 lot. Portions of the lot are currently closed but will be reopened in phases throughout the coming weeks. We have plans to make improvements to Park Economy 3 later this year.

As I mentioned in a recent post, we to hear about your parking experience in real time so that we can continue to improve our offerings. Please share your experiences with us.

Please visit to learn more about our new offerings and follow us on Twitter for updates on parking facility status and more.

About Mike Landguth

Mike Landguth, AAE, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, which manages Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Mike joined RDU in November 2011. He and his family live in Cary along with their trusty canine sidekick, Thunder.
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21 Responses to ParkRDU Update: Online Booking Begins This Spring

  1. Bill Smith says:

    Website is weak! FAQ don’t link to answers and worst there is no clear selection to book online. Details tell you to request quote? Really where? No app?

  2. Gary Neff says:

    Appears to be a gimmick to raise prices

  3. M Welch says:

    Absolutely outrageous they raise rates from $14 to $18 to park in the same area I have for years. All in the name of progress. How the hell is that progress? Ill be looking for alternatives I guarantee you that

  4. Bill Coble says:

    How do you book…ahead? not very customer friendly.

  5. Cynthia Hoffert says:

    have tried for 2 hours trying to book online parking when entering defaults back to rdu blog is there anyway to book online parking ?

  6. Gary Jones says:

    Ok tell me how I can reserve my premier parking, how do I do that ?????

  7. Sam Notarider says:

    No place to register on line…Lousy start to telling me how great they aren’t

  8. Wanda Greer says:

    I am upset. We’ve been counting on doing this online when we were ready to leave for weeks now – and now it’s still not available after the announced date! What about our discount?

  9. Bev Kesterson says:

    I have tried to book the economy section; but I can not locate the forms to do it Help!

  10. Edgar Marston says:

    How do I register for Central Parking online? I cannot find a clickable place to register.

  11. Jeffrey Fox says:

    So far I am not a fan. I travel somewhat frequently and always counted on parking availability in the hourly lots. Since it has reopened it has been jam packed.
    My personal thought is that you have made it too inexpensive. $18/ day (only $4 more per day than daily) is not enough of a difference.
    I’d like to see it $20 or $22/ day while keeping the $3/hour for those who want to just spend an hour to pick up loved ones.

  12. Virginia Anderson says:

    OK. It’s May 15. I’m flying out of RDU this week, planning to park at RDU. The ParkRDU website gives me lots of answers to FAQs except the only one that matters – can I reserve my parking spot online TODAY???? I’m sort of figuring out that I can’t, but there’s no definitive answer to that point AND no definitive answer about when I will be able to reserve online. Seems like the whole point of going online is to be able to keep customers updated on when new services will actually be ready. A 3-week old blog post is way out of date in the online world, lack of info on the website is just poor communication, and the term “later this spring” should be changed to “early this summer.” Creating a credibility problem here!

  13. Joel Tome says:

    Could you provide a phone number to book Premier Parking in lieu of the online app?

  14. Dianne Evans says:

    I have yet to see, after 30 minutes of looking, how to book online for the economy parking. I have looked everywhere. Help!!!

  15. Jamie Raley says:

    Looks good! We need to park sept 1 thur Sept 15 2016 in least expensive lot, when will online parking reservations be made available? Thanks!

  16. Connie Cook says:

    My son is departing rdu may 21 8 am for 3 weeks. Needs to park on economy 4. Is it six dollars a day. Should there be space at 5 am and. Tram to term 2?

  17. Harold Gross says:

    I notice the website”” has no provision for booking online and when calling 919 840-2140, the message says “to book online go to and enter the arrival date and time”. Obviously, online booking is not available. Shouldn’t the phone message state this?

  18. Toby says:

    I’m sorry if this repeats an earlier comment, but is it fair to charge the new non-discounted prices before the ability to get them discounted is up and running? Personally, I didn’t think so, but I’m not sure if any thought went into this before the need for the postponement of the discounts was realized.

  19. Colin Devine says:

    You raised the rates, promising that by booking online in advance one can “save” money by obtaining the old rate, but then you delay the online booking!
    When will online booking be available? This isn’t new technology, it should be simple. “Later this Spring” is getting later and later, it’s almost June!

  20. Fred says:

    Thanks for raising the rates before the online tool is available!

  21. Fred says:

    Thanks for raising the rates before the online tool was ready!

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