‘Tis The Day Before Thanksgiving: 2014 Edition

'Tis The Day Before Thanksgiving and all through our airport, happy reunions can be witnessed....

‘Tis The Day Before Thanksgiving and all through our airport, happy reunions can be witnessed….

An annual tradition from RDU Cruising Altitude and the Communications and Community Affairs staff at the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority.

 ‘Tis the day before Thanksgiving at Raleigh-Durham International Airport

“Travelers are arriving in the tens of thousands,” we can happily report.

Cars are finding Park & Ride 4 and our free shuttle simply quite a breeze.

And, friends are using our Cell Phone lot with a great amount of ease.

Our red-vested Ambassadors staff kiosks in the terminals to answer all your queries.

And check out our Thanksgiving Travel Guide so you won’t arrive weary.

Inside Terminal 1 and also in T2, music is sure to greet your ears.

It’s our holiday music series, a tradition going back many, many years.

Queues are flowing smoothly in ticketing and in security.

Where knowing screening tips will help you not to scurry.

En route to the gate moving sidewalks help to rest your knees

You can enjoy power outlets and free Wi-Fi among our amenities.

Whether a tasty local burger, a snazzy deli sandwich or a fancy gluten-free plate

Our restaurants will package your meal to go for the boarding call so you won’t be late.

If you’ve some time to spare, visit The Shops of RDU to knock out your holiday shopping early

And ask the friendly clerks about shipping so you don’t have to carry more on your journey.

Register your credit cards for miles or rewards with our good friends Thanks Again

Means saving some cash so your holiday budgeting won’t wear thin.

When the turkey’s eaten, the dishes are clean and it’s time to return to RDU

The Christmas Tubas, on Sunday, will be here to toot you into a joyous holiday mood.

We almost forgot! A tip to save you time to exit parking with some speed,

Pay by credit card at the exit plaza and the terminal-area pay machines you won’t need.

Well, we really hope that you’ve enjoyed our short Thanksgiving rhyme.

We look forward to seeing you at least two hours ahead of your scheduled departure time.

On behalf of all of us at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.

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