Moving The Terminal 1 Opening Date

I cannot wait for Spring to arrive, and I don’t think I’m the only one.  This winter has been very cold and it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the cold temperatures have affected the Terminal 1 project. 

Paving is underway on the Terminal 1 ramp.

Paving is underway on the Terminal 1 ramp.

Today, I informed the Airport Authority Board that Terminal 1 will not open on March 2 as originally planned. We are all disappointed to have to move the opening of our newest terminal — just like I know many of you were disappointed when last week’s snow and ice storm forced us to cancel the Terminal 1 Open House.

I want to be clear however; the inside of Terminal 1 is looking great and getting very close to completion. There’s just one key element that the weather has prevented us from completing: the aircraft parking area. Without this element complete, we can’t use the terminal.

Crews have been working very hard to keep up progress on this part of the project, but the cold temperatures, which prohibit paving, have proven no match for our best laid plans. And, that’s despite contractor allowances in the schedule for inclement weather.

So, when will Terminal 1 open?

Our staff is evaluating the amount of work remaining on the Terminal 1 ramp and will determine a new opening date in early March. As soon as we have one, we will announce it. Our contractors and staff are planning to work nearly around-the-clock to complete the project, but everything depends on the weather.

The good news is we will open soon.

In the very near future, we’ll have a new Terminal 1 ready for you. Check out our latest photos of the project and learn what to expect when Terminal 1 opens.

About Mike Landguth

Mike Landguth, AAE, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, which manages Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Mike joined RDU in November 2011. He and his family live in Cary along with their trusty canine sidekick, Thunder.
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2 Responses to Moving The Terminal 1 Opening Date

  1. Alan says:

    Is there any chance of the open house happening as a result of this delay?

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