Change Is Constant At RDU

Lately at RDU, we have been talking a lot about change. You’ve even seen some of this conversation discussed here. We’ve talked about changes in the airline industry. In a few months we will unveil the major transformation Terminal 1 has undergone. And the list goes on.

mindy-changesSince I started at RDU 12 years ago, I have witnessed major changes firsthand. The airport I experience when I drive onto RDU property today is totally different than it was when I started. The red-roofed Terminal C has been replaced by the modern Terminal 2. The parking garage has become the place to park at RDU and Terminal 1 can no longer be called the big blue box.

With all of the change that has taken, and is taking, place at RDU, my team and I started talking about all of the times the airport has adapted to and turned change into opportunities. This conversation evolved into a video featuring airport employees who discuss major changes they have seen and responded to during their time at RDU.

This project began as an internal piece only, but once it was completed, we realized that RDU employees were not the only ones who went through the changes documented here. You went through them with us, so we would like to share this video with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Watch the video now via Youtube.

About Mindy Hamlin

Mindy Hamlin is the Director of Communications and Community Affairs, overseeing communication strategies for the Airport Authority including the Web site, graphic design, employee communication, social media, publications and much more. She also takes the lead on media relations efforts working with local, national and trade media on airport-related stories. And, she’s not afraid to do a TV interview in a hardhat and pearls.
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