Volunteers Expand Our Customer Service Reach

As the Airport Authority’s Customer Relations Manager, taking exceptional care of our customers is constantly on my mind. I would love for us to have enough staff to individually greet and care for every person who walks into the terminal or arrives at the gate. 

We all know that isn’t economically feasible. Still, we strive to have as large a customer service reach as possible. And that happens through not only our staff, but also a special team of compassionate individuals who give thousands of hours each year to RDU.

Airport Director Mike Landguth speaks to RDU volunteers in September 2012.

Airport Director Mike Landguth speaks to RDU volunteers in September 2012.

There are more than 40 members of the RDU Volunteer Ambassador Program, and in 2012 they donated more than 10,000 hours – the equivalent of nearly five full-time staff members. Our volunteers enable us to reach farther than the information desks and interact and assist customers throughout our terminals.

Along with warm hearts, compassionate listening skills and a genuine desire to help others, many bring a lifetime of experience to their roles at RDU. Our volunteers have served as chief executive officers of companies, attorneys, university professors, marketing and public relations professionals and information technology executives during their careers. They carry a timeless dedication and work ethic of professionalism throughout their interactions with customers at RDU.

It is truly wonderful to have them as part of our team. Since many customers may need assistance upon arrival, our Information Desks are located in bag claim. Here, our full-time professional staff works alongside RDU volunteers to answer questions such as “where’s the restroom” to helping passengers work out complicated ground transportation needs.

On the concourse, our volunteers man mobile kiosks and help guide customers who are looking for their gates or for a quick bite to eat or to purchase an item in one of our retail locations. And, when we have special events such as new air service announcements, changes in the layout of the building or we move airlines from one terminal to the other, our volunteers are always there to assist.

The is a quote – its author unknown – that comes to mind when I think of our amazing volunteers and the incredible service they provide, “no one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.”

If you enjoy helping others, perhaps the RDU Volunteer Ambassador program is something you’d like to do?  Please visit our volunteer page to learn more. 

At RDU, our volunteers are priceless.

About Jane Martin

Customer Relations Manager Jane oversees the Airport Authority’s Customer Relations Department, which includes everything from customer feedback to mystery shopping to setting service standards. She also manages the airport’s recognition and rewards programs. When Jane isn’t answering a customer’s question or looking like a Secret Service agent, she can be found wearing Carolina blue while her cocker spaniels, Zoe and Bella, a.k.a. “The Divas,” take her for a walk in north Raleigh.
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