Giving Kudos for a Job Well Done

Yesterday morning, about 150 airline, shops, restaurant, rental car, Airport Authority and janitorial employees gathered in Terminal 2 for one reason: to celebrate customer service and their peers who exemplify it.

Each quarter, RDU hosts its Thanks To You ceremony, which honors employees from throughout the airport whose customer service has elevated our customers’ airport experience.

Lydia Montalvo, pictured here with RDU Airport Director Mike Landguth, received a Thanks Again award for providing exceptional customer service to a frequent AirTran customer.

This quarter nearly 200 employees were nominated by customers and employees for their kindness, patience and dedication to the highest level of customer service.

Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday’s ceremony.

Alvin, who works at Enterprise Car Rental, received kudos from several customers who praised him for being helpful, professional and kind.

Said one, “He will make a great manager for a company one day. He is happy, has a great attitude and enjoys his job. His work ethic is worthy of recognition.”

A recurring theme among those nominated is that they get to know their customers, the frequent traveler.  One customer points out that due to her frequent travel, she has gotten to know many of the employees who work in Terminal 1.

About Betty, who works in AJ’s Tavern, she says, “She is a great person who has been a real joy to see every week. She has a great attitude and is always willing to take the time to get to know her customers.”

And one customer had great praise for one of our traffic control officers.

Writes the customer, “This traffic officer is the poster boy for how to balance rules, enforcement and traveler goodwill. I wish you could clone him. I’ve been in and out and through over a hundred airports. He is as good as it gets.”

It doesn’t get much better than that.

RDU takes customer service very seriously. We want you and all of our customers to have a great experience from the moment you park until you board your plane. And, we want to know about it.

Tell us about your latest trip through RDU.

About Mindy Hamlin

Mindy Hamlin is the Director of Communications and Community Affairs, overseeing communication strategies for the Airport Authority including the Web site, graphic design, employee communication, social media, publications and much more. She also takes the lead on media relations efforts working with local, national and trade media on airport-related stories. And, she’s not afraid to do a TV interview in a hardhat and pearls.
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