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Earlier this week, we launched the latest version of our website, Our marketing communications team has worked for more than a year to incorporate comments from our customers and from employees who interact with passengers the most. The result is a more dynamic, interactive website.

On the site, you can now find real-time flight information, featured right on the home page, as well as an interactive destinations map. And we can’t forget our first mobile site. Now our customers can get the most sought after RDU information on their mobile device.

There is one section on the site that could be easily overlooked, and that is the section on the Airport Authority leadership. Here, you can learn about the tremendous experience of our deputy airport directors, who together hold nearly 200 years of airport experience.

The newest member of RDU’s executive team is Airport Director Mike Landguth. He joined RDU last November following the retirement of longtime director (29 years!) John Brantley.

Airport Director Mike Landguth (center) discusses an airfield project with maintenance employees Frank Villa (right) and James Bradley (left).

Since arriving at RDU, I have accompanied Mike on several occasions as he has met with local elected officials, community leaders and business executives to discuss how the airport and community can partner to meet our region’s air service needs.

At yesterday’s monthly board meeting, Mike said it very clearly. Economic developers consider airports and airport services vital to generating local business growth. Likewise, understanding our community’s needs are vital to RDU’s growth and success.

Mike has also spent a lot of time getting to know the employees and volunteers at the airport. On weekends, you might find Mike talking to employees in the maintenance department about the latest airfield project. You might also find him on a Tuesday afternoon, as he did this week, thanking our volunteers and finding out what they are hearing from our customers.

In this blog, you will get to know Mike and learn more about RDU’s priorities and strategic plans for the future.

About Mindy Hamlin

Mindy Hamlin is the Director of Communications and Community Affairs, overseeing communication strategies for the Airport Authority including the Web site, graphic design, employee communication, social media, publications and much more. She also takes the lead on media relations efforts working with local, national and trade media on airport-related stories. And, she’s not afraid to do a TV interview in a hardhat and pearls.
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One Response to Meet Airport Authority Leaders on

  1. Paul Matthai says:

    Mindy I have pics to share with you on the lines waiting for a cab on 2/21 at midnight…..Please let me know where to send them. it is time to let the drivers compete and raise the level of service. Half the time they are falling asleep, their equipment does not work and they are on their cell phones. RDU needs to compete the transportation or the new terminals won’t mean anything. We will still be small time.

    Stranded at RDU 2/21

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