Now Flying At Cruising Altitude: Welcome to the RDU Blog

One of the best parts about flying is reaching cruising altitude. From high above, you’re guaranteed sweeping views of landscape around you, an ever-changing opportunity for visual exploration as you travel to your destination. You can look down and study specific details of life below, look out and see the vast sky ahead or focus inward on the “getting there” itself.

This is our vision for Cruising Altitude, the official blog of Raleigh-Durham International Airport and the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority.  Here, we’ll share the story of the airport from our perspective as the gateway between the Research Triangle Region and the world.  Several times each week, we’ll post stories detailing what’s happening at the airport, what lies ahead  for us and what’s happening behind-the-scenes at RDU.

Cruising Altitude is where you’ll get details on new flights, shops and restaurants, airport amenities and meet many airport employees.

Some of the stories you can expect to read cover topics such as:

  • Travel tips
  • Trends in air service
  • What it takes  to land new destinations
  • What’s happening in the aviation industry
  • The role the airport plays when a big event comes to town
  • New customer service amenities
  • Information and updates on the Terminal 1 modernization

With these stories, you’ll hear firsthand from the airport. You will also have the opportunity to comment on each story and help shape discussions that affect you as a traveler.  With video and links to our social media channels, you’ll be able to engage with us and be part of the action.

We welcome you to Cruising Altitude and hope you enjoy the ride as we continue our journey of being a world-class airport and gateway for the region and our community.

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