Being Transparent to Ensure Public Trust

061209rduterminaltwo-48I am proud and humbled to Chair the RDU Airport Authority Board. As a public Board, appointed by elected officials in Wake and Durham counties and Raleigh and Durham cities, we ensure that the Authority acts in the public’s interest.

That’s why transparency is so important to us. This has recently been called into question by the Southern Environmental Law Center, as we issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease three parcels of airport-owned property.

In the interest of full transparency and to ensure that we respond appropriately to SELC’s claims, I have directed the executive team to engage outside counsel to review their allegations and our actions, and to work with us to respond to those allegations. I and the entire board, take the Authority’s compliance with applicable Open Meetings laws very seriously. The public expects us to, and rightfully so.

Trust is hard to earn but easy to lose. We stand by our actions and are excited to see viable lease proposals in response to our RFP.  In the meantime, rest assured that we are doing everything we possibly can to be a great airport for this community.

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Lease vs. Sale: What Property Means for RDU


The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority recently issued a Request for Proposals for the leasing of the three undeveloped parcels pictured above.

Keeping you connected and powering our region’s economy are two things we get excited about at RDU. Our airport is built to serve the community and we take that commitment seriously, that’s why we have carefully considered various land use requests we’ve received in recent months regarding airport property adjacent to Umstead Park.

As part of the Vision 2040 master planning process, the Airport Authority received a request from The Conservation Fund to purchase some airport property. Our long-standing practice is to not sell land. This is necessary in order to comply with a myriad of federal laws and regulations, have adequate space for future development, and just does not make good business sense.  So let’s dive a little deeper into why we do not sell property. Continue reading

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Park Economy 4 is Getting New and Improved Entry & Exit Equipment


New and Improved: Upgraded Parking Plaza equipment will provide a better experience for customers.

Beginning on Monday, August 21st, new parking equipment at Park Economy 4 will go online at the lot’s entry and exit plazas. This means that the equipment that dispenses your ticket upon entry and the equipment you utilize to pay upon exit at the conclusion of your parking experience will be new and improved, with minimal inconvenience to you. Continue reading

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Survey Says: RDU Delivers World-Class Experience Amidst Record Growth

Survey Results ImageCustomer satisfaction continues to rise at RDU! According to a survey conducted by the Airport Authority and released at its July board meeting, 99 percent of respondents rated RDU a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale, for an overall airport score of 4.92. That’s an increase of .24 points over 2014 results and an 18 percent increase when compared with results from 2007.

Also announced at the recent meeting, June 2017 marked the airport’s 40th consecutive month of year-over-year monthly passenger gains, with a record high load factor of 89.8 percent – meaning on average, planes departing RDU are almost completely full! Continue reading

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The Big 5-0! RDU Reaches 50 Nonstop Destinations

Kansas City Skyline

Kansas City Skyline – The growing tech-focused city and the mid-west home of barbecue was a top unserved destination for RDU.

With two new cities and four new nonstop routes, Raleigh-Durham International Airport will soon serve 50 nonstop destination, thanks to a huge announcement from Frontier Airlines on Tuesday. The airline will begin serving two new destinations: Kansas City and Providence and will launch new flights to Austin and Cincinnati. Continue reading

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