RDU Asks Congressional Delegation To Support Critical FAA Bill

RDU staff recently traveled to D.C. to talk airport funding.

RDU staff recently traveled to D.C. to talk airport funding.

It is often said that Raleigh-Durham International Airport is one of the region’s economic drivers. But what does this mean?

Each year, RDU contributes more than $8 billion a year to the region’s economy, serving 9.5 million passengers a year and supporting 20,000 jobs. We’re both an economic driver and a partner in regional economic development.

That economic return requires investment, particularly to maintain and improve our $1.5 billion infrastructure – terminals, runways and facilities.

RDU funds these improvements by carefully balancing the limited mix of public and private funding sources available to us.  Continue reading

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International Air Service: A Shared Community Vision

A new flight to Paris or Germany? It’s a real possibility for RDU in the near future.

That was a primary focus of the Regional Transportation Alliance’s 2015 Transportation Breakfast “The Economics of Expanding Air Service” held March 10 at the Umstead Hotel and Spa.

I had the pleasure of serving as one of three speakers at the breakfast alongside respected economists and airline experts Dr. Peter Belobaba of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and John Heimlich of Airlines for America.

The event painted a very clear picture: increased international air service is possible in the Triangle but it requires a community-wide effort.

Our region is an attractive one for airlines. We have a successful, well-educated, well-traveled population not to mention international corporations and well-respected universities.Research Shows (4)

Expanding air service in the Triangle has been on our minds at RDU for some time, but it is not something that we can do alone. Airlines operate through very complex business models. We can’t just call the airlines and say “I’d like one 757 to Paris to go please” or “supersize that order to make it a 767.”


Source: Economic Benefits of International Service

Instead, recruiting a new flight requires planning and help from an active community, and we couldn’t ask for a better community than we have here in the Triangle.

This is where you come in.

Yesterday’s event allowed nearly 200 business and community leaders to hear about the impact that a new international flight would have on the Triangle.

And now’s the time for action.

We are grateful to RTA, their Air Service Advancement Program (ASAP) and to our community for getting behind this issue and making air service a priority.

We aim to be a world-class airport with unparalleled customer service to help our passengers reach destinations worldwide. We served 9.5 million passengers last year, and our passengers are asking for more. We need to add new international flights to meet the growing demands of this region.

This week’s RTA Breakfast was another important step, and we are excited to work hand-in-hand with RTA and our community to reach our goal.

A new flight is within our grasp and together we can grab it.



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Land Development at RDU: What’s Next

Lake Crabtree County Park is on land owned by RDU.

Lake Crabtree County Park is on land owned by RDU.

In the news this week have been stories about RDU’s possible development of land near Lake Crabtree County Park.

As the Airport Authority pointed out in this blog post in October, the Airport Authority has no plans at this time to develop the land that is currently home to popular bike trails.

This land is still under a 25-year, annually renewable lease with Wake County.  Continue reading

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Winter Weather: Myth vs. Fact

Whenever winter weather threatens RDU, I receive a lot of questions via social media on how airport operations are impacted. Our guest services team in the terminals and others who answer the phones at RDU receive plenty of questions as well.   Continue reading

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Airline Highlights: Allegiant Air

Allegiant Airlines begins serving RDU this May.

Allegiant Airlines begins serving RDU this May.

Have you heard the news? Allegiant Air will begin offering non-stop flights to three Florida destinations this Spring from RDU.

As our ninth commercial air carrier, Allegiant is a great new addition to the family of air carriers operating at our airport.   Continue reading

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