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Dave Young is the Director of Air Service Development for RDU. In this capacity Dave acts as the advocate for RDU to the airline industry, promoting the benefits of RDU and the region. As a self-proclaimed “airline guy” Dave has a habit of referring to things in 3 letter codes.

Let’s Fly: Seattle, Denver and SLC On The Horizon

Dallas Love Field, Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake City are the latest new route offerings at RDU. Did you know that you can rent a tablet for your trip to Hawaii? Learn what you might find on your next Delta … Continue reading

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Let’s Fly: RDU-London Gets an Upgrade

American Airlines is giving the RDU-London flight a major upgrade this summer. Continue reading

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Airline Highlights: Allegiant Air

Have you heard the news? Allegiant Air will begin offering non-stop flights to three Florida destinations this Spring from RDU. As our ninth commercial air carrier, Allegiant is a great new addition to the family of air carriers operating at … Continue reading

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Airline Highlights: United and US Airways

This is the final part of a series highlighting the airlines that serve RDU.  Both United and US Airways have historically had a smaller presence at RDU, but their impact is no less important to connecting our passengers with destinations … Continue reading

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Going The Distance For New Air Service

Recruiting new air service is like a running a marathon. It takes a long time, a steady pace and a healthy dose of patience to attract an airline to establish or expand service at your airport. And, in this marathon, … Continue reading

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