On The Record: Lake Crabtree County Park


Lake Crabtree County Park

A rumor recently surfaced that the Airport Authority was going to close Lake Crabtree County Park, which has become a favored spot for boating, hiking and picnicking. But it is just that. A rumor. The Airport Authority has no plans to close Lake Crabtree County Park. However, there are other parcels of airport-owned land that may be suitable for future airport development.  Continue reading

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The Deal: Incredible Chef’s Tasting Menu Arrives For October

From an outstanding culinary experience to great end-of-summer deals, here’s what you can find at The Shops of RDU with this month’s edition of “The Deal.”


A couple dines in Carolina Vintages in Terminal 2.

Chef Tasting Menu Debuts

An incredible deal is available during October at three airport restaurants operated by HMS Host. For $21 enjoy a Chef’s Tasting Menu with a complimentary to go bottle of water and $3 dessert add-on. Full descriptions are available at each participating restaurant, but here’s a snapshot of the menu: Continue reading

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Going International: Regions Near and Far

This is the last in a 6-part series about RDU’s pursuit of new international air service. Read the series.

In our series, we’ve covered Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East pretty thoroughly. While these are some of the top regions for international air service growth, other regions of the world shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s a snapshot of some of the other regions of the world.  Continue reading

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The Fives: Airlines That Belong To History

American. Delta. Southwest. United. These are the biggest airlines serving RDU today, but it hasn’t always been this way. Over the course of time, many other carriers have come and gone. In this edition of “The Fives,” we’re going to look back through time at some of the carriers that have gone the way of history.  Continue reading

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Let’s Fly!: A New Way To Ft. Lauderdale and Changes to Freeport

Welcome to Let’s Fly!, a monthly round-up of news from the airlines and airports you may encounter on your journey from RDU. 

Delta begins new service to Ft. Lauderdale in December.

Delta begins new service to Ft. Lauderdale in December.

Delta Air Lines is launching a new flight to Ft. Lauderdale. The flight begins Thursday, Dec. 11 and will operate daily on peak holiday travel dates through the beginning of 2015. Thereafter, the flight will convert to a weekly operation, occurring on Saturdays. This is in addition to the service currently provided by JetBlue and SouthwestContinue reading

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