Airline Highlights: United and US Airways

This is the final part of a series highlighting the airlines that serve RDU. 

Both United and US Airways have historically had a smaller presence at RDU, but their impact is no less important to connecting our passengers with destinations throughout the U.S. and the world. Continue reading

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Where the Planes Park: Ramp vs. Tarmac vs. Apron

What is the name of the part of the airport where planes park and are serviced at the airport? Some people will say ramp. Many call it the tarmac. To others, it’s the apron.  Who’s right? Let’s take a look.  Continue reading

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48 Hours On Grand Bahama Island

Envision white sand beaches, cool tropical breezes and crystal clear water. Do those images make you want to fly to a tropical paradise? If so, then go ahead and book your trip. In August you’ll be two hours from a tropical paradise when Vacation Express begins nonstop flights to Grand Bahama Island.  Continue reading

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Going The Distance For New Air Service

Recruiting new air service is like a running a marathon. It takes a long time, a steady pace and a healthy dose of patience to attract an airline to establish or expand service at your airport. And, in this marathon, I just completed a very distant leg of the race.  Continue reading

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Providing Opportunities For Businesses Large and Small

In April, we opened Terminal 1, which was the last major piece of our decades-long facility improvement program. Now, we’re shifting our focus to maintaining and enhancing the world-class facilities and programs that you enjoy at RDU.  Continue reading

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